Key English Chinese (Simplified)
controlPanelMapHideButtonSubtitle Click to hide the map 点击隐藏地图
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonTitle Map options 地图选项
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonSubtitle Click for map options 点击地图选项
controlPanelScreenshotButtonTitle Screenshot 截屏
controlPanelScreenshotButtonSubtitle Click to share screenshot 点击分享截图
profilesListTitle Profiles 简介
profilesListTitleSelectProfile Switch Profile 切換使用者
profilesListAddProfile New profile 新的配置文件
profilesListRowLastActivity %1$s
profilesListRowTotalsSince Totals since: %1$s 自以下以来的总数:%1$s
profilesListButtonResetTotals Reset totals 重設總計
profilesListProfileNotUsed (unused) (没用过)
cloudAccountsTitle Accounts 帐户
cloudAccountsInfo Connecting to a cloud service makes it easier for you to upload and share your tracks with others.

We'll never post anything without your permission.

accountDisconnect Disconnect 断开
googleFitConnectButton Connect with Google Fit 连接 Google 健身
veloHeroConnectButton Connect with Velo Hero 与 Velo Hero 联系
stravaTrackPrivacyInfo Track will inherit default privacy you set on Strava Track 将继承你在 Strava 上设置的默认隐私
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicyTitle Power data upload policy 电力数据上传政策
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_0 Always (default) 始终(默认)
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_1 Upload power data only when power meter was used 仅在使用功率计时上传功率数据
chartsTitle Charts 图表
tracksHistoryListTitle Tracks history 歷史記錄
tracksHistoryListTitleSelect Select 选择
tracksHistoryListEmpty No tracks here. Go out and record an activity! 这里没有轨道。出去记录活动!
tracksHistoryListLoading Loading… 載入中...
tracksHistoryGrantAccess Missing tracks?
Click here to grant read-only access to a custom tracks folder…
tracksHistoryListNoMap Map was not recorded. 地圖未記錄。
tracksHistoryListButtonView View 檢視
tracksHistoryListButtonShare Share 分享
tracksHistoryListButtonUpload Upload 上傳
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogWaitTitle Please wait 請稍等
dialogWeatherInfoMessage Radar data is updated every 10 minutes. Filled icon indicates fresh data, empty icon means an update is near.

Yellow and red colors show areas of more precipitation.

Last 1 hour of radar data can be animated to reveal precipitation trends.
雷达数据每 10 分钟更新一次。填充图标表示新数据,空图标表示即将更新。


最后 1 小时的雷达数据可以动画显示降水趋势。
dialogWeatherInfoTitle @string/dialogMapsWeatherRadar
disclaimerText1 This app is provided as is, and you use it at your own risk. We, the publisher, will not be held responsible for any mishap, loss of possession, injury or worse involving you or a third person, arising from app usage during a ride or otherwise. 此应用程序按原样提供,您使用它需要您自担风险。对于您或第三方因在乘车过程中或其他情况下使用应用程序而引起的任何事故、财产损失、伤害或更严重的情况,我们(出版商)概不负责。
disclaimerText2 Please use this app wisely and DO NOT operate it while driving a car, riding a motorbike, a bicycle, or any other vehicle. 请明智地使用此应用程序,请勿在驾驶汽车、骑摩托车、自行车或任何其他车辆时操作它。
disclaimerText3 Always keep your eyes on the road. 始终注视道路。
disclaimerTitle Disclaimer 免责声明
durationHrMin %1$d:%2$02d
farFromHere Far from here 離這里遠
featureNotAvailable Sorry, the feature is not available on this device 很抱歉,此功能在此裝置上不可使用
fence_name_default My Place 我的地點
freeLicenseFeatures ❌ Premium maps
❌ Navigation
❌ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
❌ 高级地图
✔️ 所有免费功能和地图
freeLicenseLabel Free 自由的
freeLicenseTitle Free License 免费许可
generalError Some error occurred. Please try again. 发生了一些错误。请再试一次。
googleFitConnectButton Connect with Google Fit 连接 Google 健身
hereMapsFeatures ✔️ HERE premium maps
✔️ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
hereMapsLabel HERE
infoAppUpdateAction Restart 重新开始
infoAppUpdateMessage The update is ready. 更新已准备就绪。
infoAutopauseForcedOff Note: Auto Pause forced to Off 注意:自动暂停强制关闭
infoAutopauseForcedRelaxed Note: Auto Pause forced to Relaxed 注意:自动暂停强制放松
infoContentSize Content size: %1$d MB 内容大小:%1$d MB
infoDigitalFilterNotice Please note: This can be delayed from the real time by a minute or so, due to inevitable digital filtering delays. 请注意:由于不可避免的数字过滤延迟,这可能会比实际时间延迟一分钟左右。
infoMeterModeAccelerationMsg Rate of change of speed in time.

Negative means deceleration.

infoMeterModeAccelerationTitle Acceleration 加速度
infoMeterModeAltitudeMsg Height above mean sea level (geoid). 平均海平面以上的高度(大地水准面)。
infoMeterModeAltitudeTitle Altitude 高度
infoMeterModeAscentMsg Cumulative altitude gain (climb). 累积高度增益(爬升)。
infoMeterModeAscentTitle Ascent 上升


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