Key English Chinese (Simplified)
speechUnitManyLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline 升汽油
speechAltitude Altitude: %1$s 海拔高度:%1$s
speechAscent Climb: %1$s 攀爬:%1$s
speechDescent Drop: %1$s 掉落:%1$s
speechClock Clock: %1$s 时钟:%1$s
speechSteps Steps: %1$s 步骤:%1$s
speechRadius Radius: %1$s 半径:%1$s
speechEnergy Energy: %1$s 能源:%1$s
speechCountdownGo Go! 去!
speechIncreasing Rising 瑞星
speechDecreasing Dropping 掉落
speechTrackingStart Start 开始
speechTrackingStop Stop 停止
speechTrackingPause Pause 暂停
speechTrackingResume Go
speechPromptTrackingResume Resume or finish? 继续还是结束?
speechTrackingGpsOk GPS OK 全球定位系统正常
speechTrackingGpsWeak No GPS 沒有 GPS
speechNavigationContinue Continue 继续
speechNavigationDestinationReached You have reached the destination 您已到达目的地
speechNavigationGotOffRoute You have gone off the route 你偏离了路线
speechNavigationWrongWay Wrong way 错误的方法
navigationContinue Continue 继续
navigationDestinationReached Destination 目的地
navigationGotOffRoute Off route 偏离路线
navigationWrongWay Wrong way 错误的方法
navigationLoadingData Loading directions… 加载方向…
navigationLoadFromFilePrompt An error occurred while loading new directions from the Internet.

Do you want to load previously used directions from a file?
从 Internet 加载新路线时出错。

navigationStepsInfo Navigation instructions will appear here as you move. Hide or slide this panel as desired. 导航说明将在您移动时显示在此处。根据需要隐藏或滑动此面板。
navigationRouteNotFound Sorry, no route was found to that destination 抱歉,找不到通往该目的地的路线
navigationRouteTooLong Sorry, this destination is too far away 抱歉,这个目的地太远了


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