English prefUnitsSlopeEntries
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_6 1 minute
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_7 2 minutes
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_8 5 minutes
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedSummary This device lacks ambient temperature sensor, but it can be derived using other sensors. Please read more in Help. 該設備缺少環境溫度傳感器,但可以使用其他傳感器導出。 請在幫助中閱讀更多內容。
prefTemperatureSensorDerivedTitle Use derived sensor 用戶衍生傳感器
prefTrackingButtonModeSummary Click or long-click for Pause, separate button for Stop.
prefTrackingButtonModeTitle Alternative behavior
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_0 [kcal]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_1 [kJ]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_2 [kWh]
prefUnitsEnergyEntries_3 [Liters of petrol]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_0 [W]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_1 [HP]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_2 [kcal/h]
prefUnitsPowerEntries_3 [kJ/h]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_0 Percent [%]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_1 Degree [°]
prefUnitsSlopeEntries_2 Per mille [‰]
priceFree FREE 免費
priceLoading @string/loading
profileNameDefault New Profile 新增使用者
profilesListAddProfile New profile
profilesListButtonResetTotals Reset totals 重設總計
profilesListProfileNotUsed (unused)
profilesListRowLastActivity %1$s
profilesListRowTotalsSince Totals since: %1$s
profilesListTitle Profiles
profilesListTitleSelectProfile Switch Profile 切換使用者
proLicenseDescription Remove ads 移除廣告
proLicenseFeatures ✔️ All features and free maps
✔️ No ads
❌ Premium maps


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Please note, this is NOT a regular percent sign in parentheses! Rather, it is a "FULLWIDTH PERCENT SIGN", with unicode code point U+FF05.

It's best to simply copy this character into the translation. This is important to prevent the app crash which otherwise happens when the regular percent sign is used here and the user tries to change the Slope units preference!

a year ago


English Chinese (Simplified)
No related strings found in the glossary.

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