Key English Chinese (Simplified)
sensorDeleteConfirmDialogMsg Forget this sensor? 忘了这个传感器?
sensorAddedMsg Sensor added to the profile 传感器添加到配置文件
sensorRemovedMsg Sensor removed from the profile 从配置文件中删除传感器
sensorDeletedMsg Sensor forgotten 遗忘传感器
sensorPurposeNone (No purpose) (无目的)
sensorPurposeCadence Cadence 韵律
sensorPurposeSpeed Speed 速度
sensorPurposeDistance Distance 距离
sensorPurposeDuration Duration 期间
sensorPurposePower Power 力量
sensorPurposeHeartRate Heart rate 心率
sensorPurposeSteps Steps 脚步
sensorPurposePressure Pressure 压力
sensorPurposeTemperature Temperature 温度
sensorPurposeHumidity Humidity 湿度
sensorStepDetectorName Step Detector 计步器
sensorProperitesProfileInfo Sensor properties are managed per profile. Properties here are managed for the currently active profile only (%1$s). 傳感器屬性按配置文件進行管理。 此處的屬性僅針對當前活動的配置文件 (%1$s) 進行管理。
sensorProperitesUseForSpeed Use for speed 用于速度
sensorProperitesUseForCadence Use for cadence 用于节奏
sensorProperitesUseForDistance Use for distance and duration 用于距离和持续时间
sensorProperitesUseForDuration Use for duration 使用时间
sensorProperitesUseForPower Use for power 用于电源
sensorProperitesUseForHeartRate Use for heart rate 用于心率
sensorProperitesUseForSteps Use for step count and cadence 用于步数和节奏
sensorProperitesUseForPressure Use for pressure 用于压力
sensorProperitesUseForTemperature Use for temperature 用于温度
sensorProperitesUseForHumidity Use for humidity 用于湿度
sensorProperitesIsInverted Swap speed and cadence 交换速度和节奏
sensorProperitesIsInvertedInfo Use cadence sensor to obtain speed readings, or vice versa. Normally disabled. 使用脚踏圈速传感器获取速度读数,反之亦然。通常禁用。
sensorProperitesWheelPerimeter Wheel circumference 轮周
sensorProperitesIsAutoPerimeter Automatic 自动的
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
sensorPurposeSteps Steps 脚步
sensorPurposeTemperature Temperature 温度
sensorRemoveConfirmDialogMsg Remove from the profile? 从个人资料中删除?
sensorRemovedMsg Sensor removed from the profile 从配置文件中删除传感器
sensorsEmptyList Empty list 空列表
sensorsInfo Sensors get connected automatically while recording is active, and disconnected when you stop recording.

It's not possible to establish a sensor connection manually.

sensorsMenuScan Scan 扫描
sensorsSectionSupported Supported 支持的
sensorsSectionUnsupported Unsupported 不支持
sensorsSectionUsedInProfile Used in the profile 在配置文件中使用
sensorsTabFound Found 成立
sensorsTabUsed Used 用过的
sensorStatusConnected Connected 连接的
sensorStatusConnecting Connecting… 正在连接……
sensorStatusDisconnected Disconnected 断开连接
sensorStepDetectorName Step Detector 计步器
sensorStepLengthNotSetWarning Step length has not been set 未设置步长
sensorsTitle Sensors 传感器
sensorWheelCircNotSetWarning Wheel circumference has not been set 轮周未设置
settingsTitle Settings 设置
share_subject @string/app_name
share_title Send via 轉送透過
speechAltitude Altitude: %1$s 海拔高度:%1$s
speechAscent Climb: %1$s 攀爬:%1$s
speechClock Clock: %1$s 时钟:%1$s
speechCountdownGo Go! 去!
speechDecreasing Dropping 掉落
speechDescent Drop: %1$s 掉落:%1$s
speechEnergy Energy: %1$s 能源:%1$s
speechIncreasing Rising 瑞星


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