Key English Chinese (Simplified)
pref_soundeffects_tally_ascent_dialog_title Ascent tally 上斜記錄
pref_soundeffects_tally_descent_title Descent 下降
pref_soundeffects_tally_descent_dialog_title Descent tally 下降記錄
pref_soundeffects_tally_altitude_title Altitude 高度
pref_soundeffects_tally_altitude_dialog_title Altitude tally 高度计
pref_soundeffects_tally_clock_title Clock 時間
pref_soundeffects_tally_clock_dialog_title Clock tally 時鐘
pref_soundeffects_tally_steps_title Steps 脚步
pref_soundeffects_tally_steps_dialog_title Steps tally 计步数
pref_soundeffects_tally_radius_title Radius 半径
pref_soundeffects_tally_radius_dialog_title Radius tally 半径计数
pref_soundeffects_tally_energy_title Energy 活力
pref_soundeffects_tally_energy_dialog_title Energy tally 能量计数
pref_soundeffects_alarm_title Enable 啟動
pref_soundeffects_alarm_summary @null
pref_soundeffects_alarm_gpsPause_title Forgotten pause 忘记停顿
pref_soundeffects_alarm_gpsPause_summary Alarm will sound when significant movement is detected while tracking is paused 当跟踪暂停时检测到明显移动时会发出警报
pref_ads_mode_title Show adverts 展示广告
pref_ads_mode_summary @null
pref_ads_mode_dialog_title Adverts type 广告类型
pref_maps_disable_title Disable Maps 關閉地圖
pref_maps_disable_summary @null
pref_maps_track_draw_title Draw the track 繪製行走記錄
pref_maps_track_draw_summary Chart your movements over the map 在地图上绘制您的运动轨迹
pref_maps_fences_draw_title Fences 栅栏
pref_maps_fences_draw_summary Show FenceGuard protected regions over the map 在地图上显示 FenceGuard 保护区
pref_maps_animate_title Animation 動畫
pref_maps_animate_summary Turn off to reduce battery usage, especially while the Follow mode is on (所有配置文件)關閉以減少電池使用量,尤其是在跟隨模式開啟時
pref_mapsShowAttribution_title Attribution 归因
pref_mapsShowAttribution_summary Show attribution text for online maps other than Google. Disable to prevent accidental click on a link. (所有配置文件)顯示除 Google 之外的在線地圖的歸屬文本。 禁用以防止意外單擊鏈接。
pref_maps_online_mode_title @null
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
pref_screenAutoPocketMode_title Pocket mode 口袋模式
pref_screenAutoPocketModeDelay_summary This will delay turning the display off after proximity sensor is activated 这将在接近传感器激活后延迟关闭显示屏
pref_screenAutoPocketModeDelay_title Delay 延迟
pref_screensaverDimBrightness_summary @null
pref_screensaverDimBrightness_title Dim brightness 昏暗的亮度
pref_screensaverDimBrightnessDialogTitle Screensaver dim brightness 屏保亮度变暗
pref_screensaverEnable_summary Dim the display after a timeout, to save battery. Touch the display to unlock. 超时后将显示屏调暗,以节省电池电量。触摸显示屏解锁。
pref_screensaverEnable_title Screensaver 屏幕保护
pref_screensaverTimeout_summary Time period with no user interaction until the screensaver is activated. 在激活屏幕保护程序之前没有用户交互的时间段。
pref_screensaverTimeout_title Timeout 暂停
pref_screenWaveDim_summary Display will also be dimmed, to save battery 显示屏也会变暗,以节省电池
pref_screenWaveDim_title Dim display 昏暗的显示
pref_screenWaveOnOffMode_summary App-lock the display by waving twice in front of it. Wave again to unlock. 通过在显示屏前挥动两次来应用锁定显示屏。再次挥手解锁。
pref_screenWaveOnOffMode_title Waving mode 挥手模式
pref_soundeffects_alarm_gpsPause_summary Alarm will sound when significant movement is detected while tracking is paused 当跟踪暂停时检测到明显移动时会发出警报
pref_soundeffects_alarm_gpsPause_title Forgotten pause 忘记停顿
pref_soundeffects_alarm_summary @null
pref_soundeffects_alarm_title Enable 啟動
pref_soundeffects_autopause_summary Sound on automatic pause and resume detection 声音自动暂停和恢复检测
pref_soundeffects_autopause_title Auto pause 自动暂停
pref_soundeffects_countdown_summary Sound on countdown before resuming the track (…3, 2, 1, GO!) 在恢復記錄之前倒計時聲音(... 3,2,1,GO!)
pref_soundeffects_countdown_title Countdown 倒数
pref_soundeffects_fence_enterleave_summary Sound when entering or leaving a fence 进入或离开栅栏时发出声音
pref_soundeffects_fence_enterleave_title Fence 栅栏
pref_soundeffects_gps_signal_summary Sound on GPS status change (good, bad) GPS 状态变化的声音(好,坏)
pref_soundeffects_gps_signal_title GPS 衛星定位
pref_soundeffects_navigation_summary Sound on navigation events 导航事件的声音
pref_soundeffects_navigation_title Navigation 导航
pref_soundeffects_proximity_summary Click sound when proximity sensor is tripped 接近传感器跳闸时发出咔嗒声
pref_soundeffects_proximity_title Proximity sensor 接近传感器


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