Key English Chinese (Simplified)
menuProperties Properties… 特性…
menuShowTotals Show totals 显示总数
menuHideTotals Hide totals 隐藏总数
menuWiden Widen 扩大
menuNarrow Narrow 狭窄
share_title Send via 轉送透過
share_subject @string/app_name
pick_a_color Pick a color 選擇一種顏色
fence_name_default My Place 我的地點
profileNameDefault New Profile 新增使用者
featureNotAvailable Sorry, the feature is not available on this device 很抱歉,此功能在此裝置上不可使用
farFromHere Far from here 離這里遠
meterHorizontalWeight Horizontal weight 水平重量
meterVerticalWeight Vertical weight 垂直重量
toastRestartRequired Please restart the app for this to take effect 請重新啟動應用程式以使此生效
toastActiveProfile Profile: %1$s 使用者: %1$s
toastProfileSavingError Error saving profile data! Please try again. 保存使用者數據時出錯! 請再試一次。
toastProfileChangeError Could not switch the profile! Please try again. 無法切換使用者! 請再試一次。
toastGpsEnabled GPS turned on 定位開啟
toastTrackSaved Track saved. 記錄已儲存
toastTrackDiscarded Track discarded. 記錄已丟棄
toastTrackSavingError Error saving track! Try resetting again. 保存記錄時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastTrackWritingError Error writing track data to storage! Try resetting again. 寫入數據至存儲器時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastTrackZippingError Error zipping track! Try resetting again. 壓縮記錄時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastTrackMovingError Error moving track to USB storage! Try resetting again. 移動數據至存儲器時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastPressAgainToExit Press again to exit 按繼續離開
toastTrackingRecording Recording 記錄中
toastTrackingRecordingPassive Passive recording 被動紀錄中
toastTrackingPaused Paused 暫停
toastTrackingStopped Stopped 停止
toastFenceGuardFenceAdded FenceGuard: Fence %1$s added 圍欄防護:已添加%1$s圍欄
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
summaryTotalWeight Total weight 总重量
summaryTotalWeightInfo Sum of all weights used while recording this track (rider, vehicle, cargo, …). 记录这条赛道时使用的所有重量的总和(骑手、车辆、货物……)。
summaryVehicleWeight Vehicle weight 車重量
summaryVehicleWeightInfo Weight of the vehicle used while recording this track. 记录此轨迹时使用的车辆重量。
summaryVibrations Vibrations 震动
summaryWheelsWeight Wheels weight 车轮重量
summaryWheelsWeightInfo Sum of weights of all wheels on the vehicle used on this track. 在此轨道上使用的车辆上所有车轮的重量总和。
svgCopyright Created with Urban Biker 由Urban Biker建立
thunderforestMapsFeatures ✔️ Thunderforest premium maps
✔️ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
🔹 雷霆森林地圖
thunderforestMapsLabel Thunderforest
timePeriod_per3Months per 3 months 每3个月
timePeriod_per6Months per 6 months 每 6 个月
timePeriod_perMonth per month 每月
timePeriod_perWeek per week 每個星期
timePeriod_perYear per year 每年
toastActiveProfile Profile: %1$s 使用者: %1$s
toastAutoThemeActivated Automatic visual theme activated 自動視覺主題激活
toastCancelled Canceled 取消
toastContrastButtonClickInfo Automatic visual theme is active 自動視覺圖示處於活動狀態
toastErrorAccessingExternalStorage Error accessing external storage 訪問外部存儲時出錯
toastErrorCreatingOfflineMap Error creating offline map 創建離線地圖時出錯
toastErrorPowerParametersVoid Please fill in Power parameters in Settings 請在設置中填寫電源參數
toastFenceGuardFenceAdded FenceGuard: Fence %1$s added 圍欄防護:已添加%1$s圍欄
toastFenceGuardFenceAddingError FenceGuard: Error adding fence 圍欄防護:添加圍欄時出錯
toastFenceGuardFenceRemoved FenceGuard: Fence %1$s removed 圍欄防護:柵欄 %1$s 已移除
toastFenceGuardFenceRemovingError FenceGuard: Error removing fence 圍欄防護:移除圍欄時出錯
toastFenceGuardFenceUpdated FenceGuard: Fence %1$s updated 圍欄防護: 圍欄%1$s已更新
toastFenceGuardFenceUpdatingError FenceGuard: Error updating fence 圍欄防護: 更新圍欄時出錯
toastFenceGuardLocationUnavailable FenceGuard: Your location still not available 圍欄防護: 您的位置仍然不可用
toastFenceGuardOutsideTheFence FenceGuard: You are currently not inside the fence 圍欄防護: 您當前不在圍欄內


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