Key English Chinese (Simplified)
sensorProperitesStrideLen Step length 步长
sensorProperitesIsAutoStrideLen Automatic 自动的
sensorProperitesIsAutoStrideLenInfo This will perform automatic step length measurements during running or speed walking. 这将在跑步或快走期间执行自动步长测量。
sensorProperitesStrideLenNotSet Not set 没有设置
sensorProperitesSpeedTriggers Speed triggers 速度触发器
sensorProperitesCadenceTriggers Cadence triggers 踏頻觸發器
sensorProperitesTriggersCountInfo Number of triggers (e.g. magnets) used by the sensor. Sensors with no external triggers usually have a single internal trigger. 传感器使用的触发器(例如磁铁)的数量。没有外部触发器的传感器通常只有一个内部触发器。
sensorProperitesEnableFiltering Data filtering 数据过滤
sensorProperitesEnableFilteringInfo This will perform additional filtering on sensor data, possibly improving accuracy, but introducing a few seconds of delay. Disabled by default. 这将对传感器数据执行额外的过滤,可能会提高准确性,但会引入几秒钟的延迟。默认情况下禁用。
sensorProperitesFilterIntervalInfo Filter interval, i.e. strength of the filter. Larger values will filter more, but will also introduce more delay. 過濾間隔,即過濾器的強度。 較大的值會過濾更多,但也會引入更多延遲。
sensorProperitesActivityRecognition Physical activity recognition 身体活动识别
sensorProperitesActivityRecognitionInfo Sensor will provide data only when your physical activity is recognized to be compatible with sensor purpose. For example, Step sensor will count steps while walking or running, not while riding a bike. Note, this may not be accurate and can be laggy. Google Play services are required. 仅当您的身体活动被认为符合传感器用途时,传感器才会提供数据。例如,步数传感器将计算步行或跑步时的步数,而不是骑自行车时。请注意,这可能不准确并且可能会滞后。需要 Google Play 服务。
sensorProperitesNoAlarm Do not alarm 不要报警
sensorProperitesNoAlarmInfo Use the sensor if available, but do not notify or alarm when unavailable. Useful for unimportant sensors that are not essential for an activity. Disabled by default. 可用时使用传感器,但不可用时不通知或报警。适用于对活动不重要的不重要传感器。默认情况下禁用。
sensorStatusConnected Connected 连接的
sensorStatusConnecting Connecting… 正在连接……
sensorStatusDisconnected Disconnected 断开连接
pref_text_off Off 關閉
pref_text_min Min
pref_text_medium Medium
pref_text_max Max
pref_text_automatic Automatic 自动的
settingsTitle Settings 设置
pref_category1_title Sound 聲音
pref_category2_title Display 顯示
pref_category_general_title General 一般
pref_category_language_title Language 語言
pref_category_appearance_title Appearance 外貌
pref_category_background_title @string/pref_background_pattern_dialog_title
pref_group_activityRecognition_title Activity recognition 活动识别
pref_group_powermeter_title Power and Energy 电力和能源
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
sensorPurposePressure Pressure 压力
sensorPurposeSpeed Speed 速度
sensorPurposeSteps Steps 脚步
sensorPurposeTemperature Temperature 温度
sensorRemoveConfirmDialogMsg Remove from the profile? 从个人资料中删除?
sensorRemovedMsg Sensor removed from the profile 从配置文件中删除传感器
sensorsEmptyList Empty list 空列表
sensorsInfo Sensors get connected automatically while recording is active, and disconnected when you stop recording.

It's not possible to establish a sensor connection manually.

sensorsMenuScan Scan 扫描
sensorsSectionSupported Supported 支持的
sensorsSectionUnsupported Unsupported 不支持
sensorsSectionUsedInProfile Used in the profile 在配置文件中使用
sensorsTabFound Found 成立
sensorsTabUsed Used 用过的
sensorStatusConnected Connected 连接的
sensorStatusConnecting Connecting… 正在连接……
sensorStatusDisconnected Disconnected 断开连接
sensorStepDetectorName Step Detector 计步器
sensorStepLengthNotSetWarning Step length has not been set 未设置步长
sensorsTitle Sensors 传感器
sensorWheelCircNotSetWarning Wheel circumference has not been set 轮周未设置
settingsTitle Settings 设置
share_subject @string/app_name
share_title Send via 轉送透過
speechAltitude Altitude: %1$s 海拔高度:%1$s
speechAscent Climb: %1$s 攀爬:%1$s
speechClock Clock: %1$s 时钟:%1$s
speechCountdownGo Go! 去!
speechDecreasing Dropping 掉落
speechDescent Drop: %1$s 掉落:%1$s


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