Key English Chinese (Simplified)
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_1 10 seconds 10秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_2 15 seconds 15秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_3 20 seconds (default) 20 秒(默认)
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_4 30 seconds 30秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_5 45 seconds 45秒
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_6 1 minute 1分钟
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_7 2 minutes 2分钟
prefScreensaverTimeoutEntries_8 5 minutes 5分钟
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_0 Minimum 最低限度
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_1 ⅕ of the current brightness 当前亮度的⅕
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_2 ⅓ of the current brightness (default) 当前亮度的⅓(默认)
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_3 ½ of the current brightness 当前亮度的½
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_4 Leave as is 保持原样
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_0 System default 系统默认
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_1 Light
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_2 Dark 黑暗的
prefSteadyScreenModeAuto Intelligent active (default) 智能主动(默认)
prefSteadyScreenModeAutoInfo Activate the SteadyScreen feature only on bumpy terrain during tracking. This is a good balance of comfort and battery use. 仅在跟踪期间在崎岖不平的地形上激活 SteadyScreen 功能。这是舒适度和电池使用的良好平衡。
prefSteadyScreenModeOn Active 积极的
prefSteadyScreenModeOnInfo Keep SteadyScreen feature always active during tracking. This may consume more battery. 在跟踪期间保持 SteadyScreen 功能始终处于活动状态。这可能会消耗更多电池。
prefSteadyScreenModeOff Off 离开
prefSteadyScreenModeOffInfo Never activate the SteadyScreen feature 永远不要激活 SteadyScreen 功能
svgCopyright Created with Urban Biker 由Urban Biker建立
trackUploadDescriptionDefault Tracked using Urban Biker mobile app 使用 Urban Biker 移动应用程序进行跟踪
trackUploadActivityTypes_0 Bike 自行車
trackUploadActivityTypes_1 Run 跑步
trackUploadActivityTypes_2 Walk 走路
trackUploadActivityTypes_3 Hike 健行
trackUploadActivityTypes_4 Swim 游泳
trackUploadActivityTypes_5 Surf 衝浪
trackUploadActivityTypes_6 Sail 帆船
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
pref_wakelock_modes_2 Partial 部分的
pref_wakelock_modes_3 Off 离开
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_0 Automatically decide based on GPS update interval and other factors 根据 GPS 更新间隔和其他因素自动决定
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_1 Keep CPU awake during tracking. May use more battery, but ensures no location update is skipped. 在跟踪期間保持 CPU 處於喚醒狀態。 可能會使用更多電池,但確保不會跳過位置更新。
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_2 Allow CPU to sleep between location updates. May use less battery, but may skip an update on a rare occasion. 允许 CPU 在位置更新之间休眠。可能会使用更少的电池,但可能会在极少数情况下跳过更新。
pref_wakelock_modes_explanation_3 Obey behaviour imposed by the system and/or other apps. Warning: May cause highly irregular location updates or even reject them all. Not recommended. 遵守系统和/或其他应用程序强加的行为。警告:可能导致高度不规则的位置更新,甚至全部拒绝。不建议。
prefActivityRecognitionNoteSummary These options rely on Android's physical activity recognition feature. It may not be accurate and can be laggy, use only if you are okay with that. Will work best when a speed sensor is used for distance and duration. 這些選項依賴於 Android 的身體活動識別功能。 它可能不准確並且可能會滯後,只有在您同意的情況下才使用。 當速度傳感器用於距離和持續時間時,效果最佳。
prefAdModes_0 Any 任何
prefAdModes_1 Google 谷歌
prefAdModes_2 AppBrain 应用脑
prefAdModes_3 None 没有任何
prefAllProfilesInfoSummary Preferences here are applicable to all profiles. 此处的首选项适用于所有配置文件。
prefAppVisualThemeDialogTitle App visual theme 应用视觉主题
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_0 System default 系统默认
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_1 Light
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_2 Dark 黑暗的
prefAppVisualThemeSummary (All profiles) (所有个人资料)
prefAppVisualThemeTitle @null
prefAutoTerrainNote1Summary Device should be held fixed to a vehicle (e.g. on a bike handlebars), and not in a hand or in a pocket while using this. 使用时应将设备固定在车辆上(例如自行车车把上),而不是放在手中或放在口袋里。
prefAutoTerrainNote2Summary Powers obtained using a power sensor are not affected by this feature. 使用功率传感器获得的功率不受此功能的影响。
prefAutoTerrainSummary Sense terrain roughness by measuring vibrations, and adjust the rolling resistance coefficient (Cᵣᵣ) accordingly when computing power. 通过测量振动来感知地形粗糙度,并在计算功率时相应地调整滚动阻力系数(Cᵣᵣ)。
prefAutoTerrainTitle AutoTerrain 自动地形
prefBackKeyModeEntries_0 Normal 普通的
prefBackKeyModeEntries_1 None 没有任何
prefBackKeyModeEntries_2 Double-click exit 双击退出
prefBaroAltitudeUsesTemperatureSummary Use temperature sensor data for more accurate barometric altitudes, if available 如果可用,使用溫度傳感器數據獲得更準確的氣壓高度
prefBaroAltitudeUsesTemperatureTitle Thermo barometer 溫度計
prefBarometricAltitudeDisableAlert Disable barometric altitude? 禁用气压高度?
prefBarometricAltitudeNoteSummary Use these only in the open atmosphere! Please disable while in pressurized, closed or air-conditioned vehicles like cars or airplanes! 僅在開放環境中使用這些! 請在汽車或飛機等加壓、封閉或空調車輛中禁用!
prefBarometricAltitudeSummary Use pressure sensor data to enhance altitude accuracy, if available 如果可用,使用压力传感器数据来提高高度精度


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