Key English Chinese (Simplified)
trackUploadDescriptionDefault Tracked using Urban Biker mobile app 使用 Urban Biker 移动应用程序进行跟踪
trackUploadActivityTypes_0 Bike 自行車
trackUploadActivityTypes_1 Run 跑步
trackUploadActivityTypes_2 Walk 走路
trackUploadActivityTypes_3 Hike 健行
trackUploadActivityTypes_4 Swim 游泳
trackUploadActivityTypes_5 Surf 衝浪
trackUploadActivityTypes_6 Sail 帆船
trackUploadActivityTypes_7 Skateboard 滑板
trackUploadActivityTypes_8 Ski 滑雪
trackUploadActivityTypes_9 Snowboard 滑雪板
trackUploadActivityTypes_10 Other 其他
sensorFilterInterval_0 3 seconds (default) 3 秒(默认)
sensorFilterInterval_1 5 seconds 5秒
sensorFilterInterval_2 7 seconds 7秒
sensorFilterInterval_3 10 seconds 10秒
prefAdModes_0 Any 任何
prefAdModes_1 Google 谷歌
prefAdModes_2 AppBrain 应用脑
prefAdModes_3 None 没有任何
menuLicense Upgrade 升级
licenseUpgradeTitle Upgrade your license 升级您的许可证
dialogReviewNudgeMessage Are you enjoying Urban Biker? 你喜欢 Urban Biker 吗?
dialogReviewNudgeMessage2 Thanks! Please write a nice review or rate us 5 stars on the Play Store. 谢谢!请在 Play 商店给我们写好评或给我们 5 星评分。
dialogButtonRateOnPlayStore Rate on Play Store 在 Play 商店评分
dialogAppOptimizedPromptTitle Battery optimization 电池优化
dialogAppOptimizedPromptMessage Urban Biker should be exempt from battery optimizations, otherwise it may not work properly.

Open Settings now?
Urban Biker 應該免於電池優化,否則它可能無法正常工作。

batteryOptimizationToast Select Urban Biker from the list 从列表中选择 Urban Biker
licenseItemAlreadyOwned License item already owned 已拥有的许可项
timePeriod_perWeek per week 每個星期
timePeriod_perMonth per month 每月
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future 刪除廣告並解鎖我們將來可能添加的所有非訂閱功能
proPlusLicenseFeatures ❌ Premium maps
❌ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
➕ Extra donation
proPlusLicenseLabel Pro+ 進階版
proPlusLicenseTitle Pro Plus License Pro Plus License
rewardedAdDescription Click here to watch an ad first 點擊此處先觀看廣告
rewardedAdLoading Loading ad… 正在加載廣告…
rewardedAdPriceFree FREE (valid for this session) 免費(本次會議有效)
rewardedLicenseSuccess License successfully awarded 成功頒發執照
roarModeConstant const 常数
sensorAddedMsg Sensor added to the profile 传感器添加到配置文件
sensorDeleteConfirmDialogMsg Forget this sensor? 忘了这个传感器?
sensorDeletedMsg Sensor forgotten 遗忘传感器
sensorFilterInterval_0 3 seconds (default) 3 秒(默认)
sensorFilterInterval_1 5 seconds 5秒
sensorFilterInterval_2 7 seconds 7秒
sensorFilterInterval_3 10 seconds 10秒
sensorMenuAddToProfile Add to the profile 添加到个人资料
sensorMenuDelete Forget 忘记
sensorMenuDisable Disable 停用
sensorMenuEnable Enable 使能够
sensorMenuProperties Properties 特性
sensorMenuRemoveFromProfile Remove from the profile 从个人资料中删除
sensorProperitesActivityRecognition Physical activity recognition 身体活动识别
sensorProperitesActivityRecognitionInfo Sensor will provide data only when your physical activity is recognized to be compatible with sensor purpose. For example, Step sensor will count steps while walking or running, not while riding a bike. Note, this may not be accurate and can be laggy. Google Play services are required. 仅当您的身体活动被认为符合传感器用途时,传感器才会提供数据。例如,步数传感器将计算步行或跑步时的步数,而不是骑自行车时。请注意,这可能不准确并且可能会滞后。需要 Google Play 服务。
sensorProperitesCadenceTriggers Cadence triggers 踏頻觸發器
sensorProperitesEnableFiltering Data filtering 数据过滤
sensorProperitesEnableFilteringInfo This will perform additional filtering on sensor data, possibly improving accuracy, but introducing a few seconds of delay. Disabled by default. 这将对传感器数据执行额外的过滤,可能会提高准确性,但会引入几秒钟的延迟。默认情况下禁用。
sensorProperitesFilterIntervalInfo Filter interval, i.e. strength of the filter. Larger values will filter more, but will also introduce more delay. 過濾間隔,即過濾器的強度。 較大的值會過濾更多,但也會引入更多延遲。
sensorProperitesIsAutoPerimeter Automatic 自动的
sensorProperitesIsAutoPerimeterInfo This will perform automatic circumference measurements during a ride. 这将在骑行过程中执行自动周长测量。
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