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Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogRevokeAccessPromptMessage Revoke access? 撤销访问权限?
dialogCustomTracksFolderInfoMessage This feature allows the app to read tracks from a folder of your choice, in addition to the default tracks folder — whose location has recently changed.

Such tracks are read-only: They can be viewed and shared, but cannot be edited, resumed nor deleted.

If you are unsure, try finding the "Documents-UrbanBiker-tracks" folder on the next screen.


dialogMeterModesTitle Choose available modes 选择可用模式
dialogLayoutChooseTitle Layout 布局
dialogLayoutChooseSubtitle Choose display layout 选择显示布局
dialogLayoutChoosePrompt Current layout will be overwritten.

Apply the selected layout?

dialogLayoutEmptyInfoTitle Layout 布局
dialogLayoutEmptyInfoMessage There should be at least one meter present in the layout. 布局中应该至少有一个米。
dialogLayoutsInfoTitle Layouts 布局
dialogLayoutsInfoMessage Quickly change display layout from a set of predefined layouts.

Then long-click any field to further customize the display via pop-up menus.

Portrait and landscape screen orientations have completely independent layouts.


dialogWeatherInfoTitle @string/dialogMapsWeatherRadar
dialogWeatherInfoMessage Radar data is updated every 10 minutes. Filled icon indicates fresh data, empty icon means an update is near.

Yellow and red colors show areas of more precipitation.

Last 1 hour of radar data can be animated to reveal precipitation trends.
雷达数据每 10 分钟更新一次。填充图标表示新数据,空图标表示即将更新。


最后 1 小时的雷达数据可以动画显示降水趋势。
dialog_fenceguard_add_entries_0 Add fence 添加围栏
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_0 Update fence 更新围栏
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_1 Remove fence 移除围栏
dialogTracksShareChoices_0 ZIPs (complete) 壓縮完成
dialogTracksShareChoices_1 GPX only 只有 GPX (軌跡)
mapLayerStreet Street
mapLayerTerrain Terrain 地形
mapLayerSatellite Satellite 衛星
mapMarkerMyLocation My location 我的位置
mapMarkerStart Start 開始
mapMarkerFinish Finish 完成
mapMarkerClickInfo Click for options 点击选项
mapPlaceSearch Where to? 去哪儿?
unitKm km 公里
unitKmh km/h 公里/小時
unitKmhPerSec kph/s 公里每小时
unitMiles mi 英里
unitMph mph 英里
unitMphPerSec mph/s 英里每小时
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogThermoBarometerNoticeMessage Thermo Barometer depends on outdoor air temperature for accuracy.

Please do not use it in closed or air-conditioned spaces like some vehicles and airplanes.

dialogThermoBarometerNoticeTitle Notice 注意
dialogTrackDeleteMessage Warning: This action cannot be undone.

Delete the track %1$s?

刪除記錄 %1$s?
dialogTrackEditNotesHint Notes 笔记
dialogTrackEditTitleHint Title 标题
dialogTrackResumeGeneralErrorMessage Some error occurred. Please try again. 錯誤。 請重試。
dialogTrackResumeGeneralPromptMessage Track will be resumed in profile %1$s. Continue? 記錄將會恢復至使用者 %1$s。 繼續?
dialogTrackResumeGpsActiveMessage Tracking is active. Please turn off or pause the GPS first. 追蹤處於活動狀態。 請先關閉或暫停 GPS。
dialogTrackResumeProfileMissingMessage Profile %1$s which created this track does not exist anymore. Resume in current profile %2$s? 創建此追蹤的配置文件 %1$s 不再存在。 在當前配置文件 %2$s 中恢復?
dialogTrackResumeProfileNotBlankMessage Target profile %1$s is not blank. Please reset first. 目標配置文件 %1$s 不為空。 請先重置。
dialogTrackResumeProfileSwitchMessage Active profile will be switched from %1$s to %2$s. Continue? 活動配置文件將從 %1$s 切換到 %2$s。 繼續?
dialogTrackResumeTitle Resume track 恢復記錄
dialogTrackResumeWaitMessage Resuming, please wait… 正在恢復中,請稍候...
dialogTracksDeleteMessage Warning: This action cannot be undone.

Delete selected tracks?

dialogTracksDeleteTitle Delete tracks 刪除記錄
dialogTracksShareChoices_0 ZIPs (complete) 壓縮完成
dialogTracksShareChoices_1 GPX only 只有 GPX (軌跡)
dialogTracksShareCountExceeded Cannot share more than 100 tracks at once. 一次不能分享超過 100 個追蹤紀錄。
dialogTracksShareGeneralErrorMessage Some error occurred. Please try again. 發生了一些錯誤。 請再試一次。
dialogTracksShareTitle Share tracks 分享追蹤紀錄
dialogTrackUploadActivityType Activity type 活动类型
dialogTrackUploadDescriptionHint Share your thoughts… 分享你的意见…
dialogTrackUploadPlatform Online service 在线服务
dialogTrackUploadPreparing Preparing track data… 正在准备曲目数据…
dialogTrackUploadSending Sending… 发送…
dialogTrackUploadShareAgainButton Share again 再次分享
dialogTrackUploadShareButton Share 分享
dialogTrackUploadStravaIsCommute Commute 通勤
dialogTrackUploadUpdateButton Update 更新
dialogTrackUploadWaitTitle Please wait 请稍等


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