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prefBarometricAltitudeTitle Barometric altitude
prefGnssActivityRecognitionSummary Recognize standing still vs. moving for GPS. May introduce delays and some lost distance after a break, but will prevent most GPS noise. 識別靜止與移動 GPS。 休息後可能會導致延遲和一些距離損失,但會阻止大多數 GPS 噪音。
prefGnssActivityRecognitionTitle Reduce location noise 降低位置噪音
prefGnssAutomaticSleepSummary Turn off location automatically while being still, and back on when movement starts. This reduces battery usage on longer breaks, without the need to stop the tracking. 靜止時自動關閉定位,移動開始時重新開啟。 這減少了長時間休息時的電池使用量,而無需停止追踪。
prefGnssAutomaticSleepTitle GPS automatic sleep GPS自動休眠
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_0 1 day
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_1 5 days
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_2 10 days (default)
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_3 15 days
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_4 30 days
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_5 45 days
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_6 60 days
prefMapDiskCacheAgeEntries_7 90 days
prefMapDiskCacheAgeTitle Map cache age limit 地圖緩存年齡限制
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_0 10 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_1 50 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_10 4 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_11 5 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_2 100 MB (default)
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_3 200 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_4 300 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_5 400 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_6 500 MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_7 1 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_8 2 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_9 3 GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeSummary When viewing a map, both online and offline, parts are being cached locally to reduce the need for repeated download or recreation. This speeds up map loading and saves battery. (All profiles) 在在線和離線查看地圖時,部分會在本地緩存,以減少重複下載或重新創建的需要。 這可以加快地圖加載速度並節省電池電量。 (所有配置文件)
prefMapDiskCacheSizeTitle Map cache size limit 地圖緩存大小限制
prefMapGuideRouteColorTitle Guide route color 引導路線顏色
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_0 Switch theme


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