Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogHapticIntensityTitle @string/pref_haptic_feedback_intensity_title
dialogLocationPermissionRequestTitle Location permission 位置权限
dialogLocationPermissionRequest The app needs to access your location to record your outdoor activities. 该应用程序需要访问您的位置以记录您的户外活动。
dialogLocationPermissionRequestForBt Location permission is needed to find Bluetooth devices.

No Bluetooth devices will be found if the permission is rejected.

dialogStoragePermissionRequestTitle Storage permission 存储权限
dialogStoragePermissionRequest The app needs to access the storage so it can save or restore your tracks and settings.

Without giving the permission you may not be able to see your tracks history, and you could loose your data.

dialogCameraPermissionRequestTitle Camera permission 相机权限
dialogCameraPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can activate the flashlight. 需要许可,应用程序才能激活手电筒。
dialogPermissionProblemMessage This permission is needed for the app to function properly. It can be granted in the App permissions settings page.

Go there now?

dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequestTitle Physical activity permission 身体活动许可
dialogActivityRecognitionPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can use the built-in Step Detector sensor, and perform other useful actions when motion is detected. 需要获得许可,应用程序才能使用内置的步进检测器传感器,并在检测到运动时执行其他有用的操作。
dialogBluetoothPermissionRequestTitle Bluetooth permission 蓝牙权限
dialogBluetoothPermissionRequest Permission is needed so the app can find and connect with wireless sensors. 需要许可,应用程序才能找到并连接无线传感器。
dialogScreenshotTitle Screenshot 截圖
dialogGoogleMapTermsViolation Google does not permit capturing contents of their maps, so map type must first be changed to any other.

Change map type now?
Google 不允许捕获其地图的内容,因此必须首先将地图类型更改为任何其他类型。

dialogWaitTitle Please wait 請稍等
dialogScreenshotPreparing Preparing screenshot… 正在准备截图…
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username 用户名
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password 密码
dialogCloudAccountDisconnectMessage Disconnect this account? 要取消关联此帐号吗?
dialogOfflineMapsChooseTitle Offline maps problem 离线地图问题
dialogOfflineMapsChooseMessage Map file not found or is not accessible. Choose some other maps file/folder now? 地图文件未找到或不可访问。现在选择其他地图文件/文件夹?
dialogOfflineMapsFolderCopyTitle Copy to maps folder 复制到地图文件夹
dialogOfflineMapsFolderCopyMessage Selected content must be copied to the app-specific maps folder in order to be used.

Do this now?

dialogCopyingMessage Copying… 正在复制…
dialogRevokeAccessPromptMessage Revoke access? 撤销访问权限?
dialogCustomTracksFolderInfoMessage This feature allows the app to read tracks from a folder of your choice, in addition to the default tracks folder — whose location has recently changed.

Such tracks are read-only: They can be viewed and shared, but cannot be edited, resumed nor deleted.

If you are unsure, try finding the "Documents-UrbanBiker-tracks" folder on the next screen.


dialogMeterModesTitle Choose available modes 选择可用模式
dialogLayoutChooseTitle Layout 布局
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogResetMessage Save this track and prepare for a new one? 儲存此追蹤紀錄並準備新的追蹤?
dialogResetNoTrackMessage No track was recorded. Reset the meters now? 沒有記錄任何追蹤。 現在重置碼表?
dialogResetTitle Finish 完成
dialogReviewNudgeMessage Are you enjoying Urban Biker? 你喜欢 Urban Biker 吗?
dialogReviewNudgeMessage2 Thanks! Please write a nice review or rate us 5 stars on the Play Store. 谢谢!请在 Play 商店给我们写好评或给我们 5 星评分。
dialogRevokeAccessPromptMessage Revoke access? 撤销访问权限?
dialogScreenAutoTheme Auto theme 自動主題
dialogScreenBrightnessOverride Brightness 亮度
dialogScreenHudMode HUD mirror mode HUD鏡像模式
dialogScreenOrientationAuto Automatic 自動定向
dialogScreenOrientationLandscape Landscape 風景
dialogScreenOrientationPortrait Portrait 頭像
dialogScreenOrientationReverseLandscape Landscape (reverse) 橫向(反向)
dialogScreenOrientationReversePortrait Portrait (reverse) 縱向(反向)
dialogScreenshotPreparing Preparing screenshot… 正在准备截图…
dialogScreenshotTitle Screenshot 截圖
dialogStoragePermissionRequest The app needs to access the storage so it can save or restore your tracks and settings.

Without giving the permission you may not be able to see your tracks history, and you could loose your data.

dialogStoragePermissionRequestTitle Storage permission 存储权限
dialogThermoBarometerNoticeMessage Thermo Barometer depends on outdoor air temperature for accuracy.

Please do not use it in closed or air-conditioned spaces like some vehicles and airplanes.

dialogThermoBarometerNoticeTitle Notice 注意
dialogTrackDeleteMessage Warning: This action cannot be undone.

Delete the track %1$s?

刪除記錄 %1$s?
dialogTrackEditNotesHint Notes 笔记
dialogTrackEditTitleHint Title 标题
dialogTrackResumeGeneralErrorMessage Some error occurred. Please try again. 錯誤。 請重試。
dialogTrackResumeGeneralPromptMessage Track will be resumed in profile %1$s. Continue? 記錄將會恢復至使用者 %1$s。 繼續?
dialogTrackResumeGpsActiveMessage Tracking is active. Please turn off or pause the GPS first. 追蹤處於活動狀態。 請先關閉或暫停 GPS。
dialogTrackResumeProfileMissingMessage Profile %1$s which created this track does not exist anymore. Resume in current profile %2$s? 創建此追蹤的配置文件 %1$s 不再存在。 在當前配置文件 %2$s 中恢復?
dialogTrackResumeProfileNotBlankMessage Target profile %1$s is not blank. Please reset first. 目標配置文件 %1$s 不為空。 請先重置。
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