Key English Chinese (Simplified)
meterModeSpeedShort spd 速度
meterModeSpeedVertical vertical speed 垂直速度
meterModeSpeedVerticalShort v spd 速度
meterModeStepCadence step cadence 踏频
meterModeStepCadenceShort step cad 步骤cad
meterModeStepCount steps 脚步
meterModeStepCountShort steps 脚步
meterModeTemperature temperature 溫度
meterModeTemperatureShort temp 温度
meterModeVerticalPower vertical power 纵向功率
meterModeVerticalPowerShort v pwr v pwr
meterModeWriggle wriggle 蠕动
meterModeWriggleShort wrig 手腕
meterTextAvg avg 平均值
meterTextMax max 最大限度
meterTextMin min
meterTextTotal tot 总计
meterVerticalWeight Vertical weight 垂直重量
na N/A 不適用
navigationAvoidFerries Avoid ferries 避开渡轮
navigationAvoidIndoor Avoid indoor 避免室内
navigationAvoidMotorways Avoid motorways 避开高速公路
navigationAvoidTolls Avoid tolls 避开通行费
navigationContinue Continue 继续
navigationDestinationReached Destination 目的地
navigationGotOffRoute Off route 偏离路线
navigationHidePrompt Hide 隐藏
navigationLoadFromFilePrompt An error occurred while loading new directions from the Internet.

Do you want to load previously used directions from a file?
从 Internet 加载新路线时出错。

navigationLoadingData Loading directions… 加载方向…
navigationRouteNotFound Sorry, no route was found to that destination 抱歉,找不到通往该目的地的路线
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