Key English Chinese (Simplified)
pref_soundeffects_tally_descent_dialog_title Descent tally 下降記錄
pref_soundeffects_tally_altitude_title Altitude 高度
pref_soundeffects_tally_altitude_dialog_title Altitude tally
pref_soundeffects_tally_clock_title Clock 時間
pref_soundeffects_tally_clock_dialog_title Clock tally 時鐘
pref_soundeffects_tally_steps_title Steps
pref_soundeffects_tally_steps_dialog_title Steps tally
pref_soundeffects_tally_radius_title Radius
pref_soundeffects_tally_radius_dialog_title Radius tally
pref_soundeffects_alarm_title Enable 啟動
pref_soundeffects_alarm_summary @null
pref_soundeffects_alarm_gpsPause_title Forgotten pause
pref_soundeffects_alarm_gpsPause_summary Alarm will sound when significant movement is detected while tracking is paused
pref_ads_mode_title Show adverts
pref_ads_mode_summary @null
pref_ads_mode_dialog_title Adverts type
pref_maps_disable_title Disable Maps 關閉地圖
pref_maps_disable_summary @null
pref_maps_track_draw_title Draw the track 繪製行走記錄
pref_maps_track_draw_summary Chart your movements over the map
pref_maps_fences_draw_title Fences
pref_maps_fences_draw_summary Show FenceGuard protected regions over the map
pref_maps_animate_title Animation 動畫
pref_maps_animate_summary (All profiles) Turn off to reduce battery usage, especially while the Follow mode is on (所有配置文件)關閉以減少電池使用量,尤其是在跟隨模式開啟時
pref_mapsShowAttribution_title Show attribution
pref_mapsShowAttribution_summary (All profiles) Show attribution text for online maps other than Google. Disable to prevent accidental click on a link. (所有配置文件)顯示除 Google 之外的在線地圖的歸屬文本。 禁用以防止意外單擊鏈接。
pref_maps_online_mode_title @null
pref_maps_online_mode_summary (All profiles) (所有使用者)
pref_maps_online_mode_dialog_title Maps source 地圖資料
pref_maps_offline_file_title Select file or folder 選擇檔案或文件夾
pref_maps_offline_file_dialog_title Choose offline maps folder 選擇離線地圖文件夾
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
notificationTitleAdvancedPaused Paused: %1$s 已暫停:%1$s
ok OK 確定
ongoingNotificationChannelDescription Providing control of the foreground service and easy access to the app 提供對前台服務的控制和對應用程序的輕鬆訪問
ongoingNotificationChannelName Ongoing notification 持續通知
openSourceLicensesTitle Open source licenses
paymentOnce One-time payment 一次性支付
pick_a_color Pick a color 選擇一種顏色
powerSourceWeight_0 Total
powerSourceWeight_1 Driver
powerSourceWeight_2 Vehicle 車輛
powerSourceWeight_3 Driver + Vehicle
powerSourceWeightInfo When translating power (watts) into specific power (watts per unit weight), a weight must be given.

This is usually the weight of the entity providing a driving force.

Note: Vertical power is always computed using Total weight.
powerSourceWeightTitle Power source weight
pref_above_lockscreen_summary App will remain visible even if the device is locked 即使設備已鎖定,應用程式仍將保持可見
pref_above_lockscreen_title Keep above lockscreen 保持在鎖定屏幕上方
pref_ads_mode_dialog_title Adverts type
pref_ads_mode_summary @null
pref_ads_mode_title Show adverts
pref_app_language_dialog_title Language 語言
pref_app_language_summary (All profiles) (所有使用者)
pref_app_language_title @null
pref_app_language_translate_summary Click here if you would like to help translate this app to another language 點擊這裡,如果你想幫助翻譯此應用程式到另一種語言
pref_app_language_translate_title Help translate 協助翻譯
pref_audio_force_loudspeaker_summary Warning: Experimental, may not work. Try to reroute all sounds through the loudspeaker when headphones are connected, except the voice calls.
pref_audio_force_loudspeaker_title Force loudspeaker 強制揚聲器
pref_auto_launch_on_gps_summary Launch the App (in Passive mode) when GPS activity is detected
pref_auto_launch_on_gps_title Auto launch on GPS 自動定位
pref_autopause_mode_dialog_title Auto pausing 自動暫停中
pref_autopause_mode_summary @null
pref_autopause_mode_title %1$s


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