Key English Chinese (Simplified)
controlPanelMapSettingsButtonSubtitle Click for map options 点击地图选项
controlPanelScreenshotButtonTitle Screenshot 截屏
controlPanelScreenshotButtonSubtitle Click to share screenshot 点击分享截图
profilesListTitle Profiles 简介
profilesListTitleSelectProfile Switch Profile 切換使用者
profilesListAddProfile New profile 新的配置文件
profilesListRowLastActivity %1$s
profilesListRowTotalsSince Totals since: %1$s 自以下以来的总数:%1$s
profilesListButtonResetTotals Reset totals 重設總計
profilesListProfileNotUsed (unused) (没用过)
cloudAccountsTitle Accounts 帐户
cloudAccountsInfo Connecting to a cloud service makes it easier for you to upload and share your tracks with others.

We'll never post anything without your permission.

accountDisconnect Disconnect 断开
googleFitConnectButton Connect with Google Fit 连接 Google 健身
veloHeroConnectButton Connect with Velo Hero 与 Velo Hero 联系
stravaTrackPrivacyInfo Track will inherit default privacy you set on Strava Track 将继承你在 Strava 上设置的默认隐私
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicyTitle Power data upload policy 电力数据上传政策
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_0 Always (default) 始终(默认)
cloudAccountsPowerUploadPolicy_1 Upload power data only when power meter was used 仅在使用功率计时上传功率数据
chartsTitle Charts 图表
tracksHistoryListTitle Tracks history 歷史記錄
tracksHistoryListTitleSelect Select 选择
tracksHistoryListEmpty No tracks here. Go out and record an activity! 这里没有轨道。出去记录活动!
tracksHistoryListLoading Loading… 載入中...
tracksHistoryGrantAccess Missing tracks?
Click here to grant read-only access to a custom tracks folder…
tracksHistoryListNoMap Map was not recorded. 地圖未記錄。
tracksHistoryListButtonView View 檢視
tracksHistoryListButtonShare Share 分享
tracksHistoryListButtonUpload Upload 上傳
tracksHistoryListButtonResume Resume 恢復
tracksHistoryListButtonEdit Edit 編輯
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
speechUnitManyMinutes Minutes 分钟
speechUnitOneFeet Foot
speechUnitOneHour Hour 小时
speechUnitOneKilometer Kilometer 公里
speechUnitOneLiterOfGasoline Liter of gasoline 升汽油
speechUnitOneMeter Meter 仪表
speechUnitOneMile Mile 英里
speechUnitOneMinute Minute 分钟
speechUnitTwoFeets Feet 走路
speechUnitTwoHours Hours 小时
speechUnitTwoKilometers Kilometers 公里数
speechUnitTwoLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline 升汽油
speechUnitTwoMeters Meters
speechUnitTwoMiles Miles 英里
speechUnitTwoMinutes Minutes 分鐘
stravaTrackPrivacyInfo Track will inherit default privacy you set on Strava Track 将继承你在 Strava 上设置的默认隐私
subscriptionPer1m %1$s billed once a month %1$s 每月計費一次
subscriptionPer1w %1$s billed once a week %1$s 每週計費一次
subscriptionPer1y %1$s billed once in 12 months %1$s 每 12 個月計費一次
subscriptionPer3m %1$s billed once in 3 months %1$s 每 3 個月計費一次
subscriptionPer6m %1$s billed once in 6 months %1$s 每 6 個月計費一次
subscriptionPerMonth %1$s /month %1$s /月
summaryAccelerating Accelerate 加速
summaryAcceleratingEnergyInfo Percentage of the energy that was used to accelerate. 用于加速的能量百分比。
summaryActivePower Active power 有功功率
summaryBasal Basal 基础
summaryBasalEnergyInfo Percentage of the energy that was used for basal metabolism. 用于基础代谢的能量百分比。
summaryBasalMetabolicRate Basal metabolic rate 基础代谢率
summaryBasalMetabolicRateInfo Basal metabolic rate (BMR). 基础代谢率 (BMR)。
summaryCadenceStrokes Pedal strokes 踏板行程


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