Key English Chinese (Simplified)
profilesListRowTotalsSince Totals since: %1$s 自以下以来的总数:%1$s
profilesListTitle Profiles 简介
profilesListTitleSelectProfile Switch Profile 切換使用者
proLicenseDescription Remove ads 移除廣告
proLicenseFeatures ❌ Premium maps
❌ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
❌ 高级地图
✔️ 所有免费功能和地图
proLicenseLabel Pro 加強版
proLicenseTitle Pro License 專業許可證
proPlusLicenseDescription Remove ads and unlock all non-subscription features we may add in the future 刪除廣告並解鎖我們將來可能添加的所有非訂閱功能
proPlusLicenseFeatures ❌ Premium maps
❌ Navigation
✔️ No ads
✔️ All free features and maps
➕ Extra donation
proPlusLicenseLabel Pro+ 進階版
proPlusLicenseTitle Pro Plus License Pro Plus License
rewardedAdDescription Click here to watch an ad first 點擊此處先觀看廣告
rewardedAdLoading Loading ad… 正在加載廣告…
rewardedAdPriceFree FREE (valid for this session) 免費(本次會議有效)
rewardedLicenseSuccess License successfully awarded 成功頒發執照
roarModeConstant const 常数
sensorAddedMsg Sensor added to the profile 传感器添加到配置文件
sensorDeleteConfirmDialogMsg Forget this sensor? 忘了这个传感器?
sensorDeletedMsg Sensor forgotten 遗忘传感器
sensorFilterInterval_0 3 seconds (default) 3 秒(默认)
sensorFilterInterval_1 5 seconds 5秒
sensorFilterInterval_2 7 seconds 7秒
sensorFilterInterval_3 10 seconds 10秒
sensorMenuAddToProfile Add to the profile 添加到个人资料
sensorMenuDelete Forget 忘记
sensorMenuDisable Disable 停用
sensorMenuEnable Enable 使能够
sensorMenuProperties Properties 特性
sensorMenuRemoveFromProfile Remove from the profile 从个人资料中删除
sensorProperitesActivityRecognition Physical activity recognition 身体活动识别


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