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disclaimerTitle Disclaimer 免责声明
disclaimerText1 This app is provided as is, and you use it at your own risk. We, the publisher, will not be held responsible for any mishap, loss of possession, injury or worse involving you or a third person, arising from app usage during a ride or otherwise. 此应用程序按原样提供,您使用它需要您自担风险。对于您或第三方因在乘车过程中或其他情况下使用应用程序而引起的任何事故、财产损失、伤害或更严重的情况,我们(出版商)概不负责。
disclaimerText2 Please use this app wisely and DO NOT operate it while driving a car, riding a motorbike, a bicycle, or any other vehicle. 请明智地使用此应用程序,请勿在驾驶汽车、骑摩托车、自行车或任何其他车辆时操作它。
disclaimerText3 Always keep your eyes on the road. 始终注视道路。
speechUnitOneMeter Meter 仪表
speechUnitTwoMeters Meters
speechUnitManyMeters Meters
speechUnitOneKilometer Kilometer 公里
speechUnitTwoKilometers Kilometers 公里数
speechUnitManyKilometers Kilometers 公里数
speechUnitOneFeet Foot
speechUnitTwoFeets Feet 走路
speechUnitManyFeets Feet
speechUnitOneMile Mile 英里
speechUnitTwoMiles Miles 英里
speechUnitManyMiles Miles 英里
speechUnitOneHour Hour 小时
speechUnitTwoHours Hours 小时
speechUnitManyHours Hours 小时
speechUnitOneMinute Minute 分钟
speechUnitTwoMinutes Minutes 分鐘
speechUnitManyMinutes Minutes 分钟
speechUnitOneLiterOfGasoline Liter of gasoline 升汽油
speechUnitTwoLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline 升汽油
speechUnitManyLitersOfGasoline Liters of gasoline 升汽油
speechAltitude Altitude: %1$s 海拔高度:%1$s
speechAscent Climb: %1$s 攀爬:%1$s
speechDescent Drop: %1$s 掉落:%1$s
speechClock Clock: %1$s 时钟:%1$s
speechSteps Steps: %1$s 步骤:%1$s
speechRadius Radius: %1$s 半径:%1$s
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