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Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogOfflineMapsFolderCopyTitle Copy to maps folder 复制到地图文件夹
dialogOfflineMapsFolderCopyMessage Selected content must be copied to the app-specific maps folder in order to be used.

Do this now?

dialogCopyingMessage Copying… 正在复制…
dialogRevokeAccessPromptMessage Revoke access? 撤销访问权限?
dialogCustomTracksFolderInfoMessage This feature allows the app to read tracks from a folder of your choice, in addition to the default tracks folder — whose location has recently changed.

Such tracks are read-only: They can be viewed and shared, but cannot be edited, resumed nor deleted.

If you are unsure, try finding the "Documents-UrbanBiker-tracks" folder on the next screen.


dialogMeterModesTitle Choose available modes 选择可用模式
dialogLayoutChooseTitle Layout 布局
dialogLayoutChooseSubtitle Choose display layout 选择显示布局
dialogLayoutChoosePrompt Current layout will be overwritten.

Apply the selected layout?

dialogLayoutEmptyInfoTitle Layout 布局
dialogLayoutEmptyInfoMessage There should be at least one meter present in the layout. 布局中应该至少有一个米。
dialogLayoutsInfoTitle Layouts 布局
dialogLayoutsInfoMessage Quickly change display layout from a set of predefined layouts.

Then long-click any field to further customize the display via pop-up menus.

Portrait and landscape screen orientations have completely independent layouts.


dialogWeatherInfoTitle @string/dialogMapsWeatherRadar
dialogWeatherInfoMessage Radar data is updated every 10 minutes. Filled icon indicates fresh data, empty icon means an update is near.

Yellow and red colors show areas of more precipitation.

Last 1 hour of radar data can be animated to reveal precipitation trends.
雷达数据每 10 分钟更新一次。填充图标表示新数据,空图标表示即将更新。


最后 1 小时的雷达数据可以动画显示降水趋势。
dialog_fenceguard_add_entries_0 Add fence 添加围栏
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_0 Update fence 更新围栏
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_1 Remove fence 移除围栏
dialogTracksShareChoices_0 ZIPs (complete) 壓縮完成
dialogTracksShareChoices_1 GPX only 只有 GPX (軌跡)
mapLayerStreet Street
mapLayerTerrain Terrain 地形
mapLayerSatellite Satellite 衛星
mapMarkerMyLocation My location 我的位置
mapMarkerStart Start 開始
mapMarkerFinish Finish 完成
mapMarkerClickInfo Click for options 点击选项
mapPlaceSearch Where to? 去哪儿?
unitKm km 公里
unitKmh km/h 公里/小時
unitKmhPerSec kph/s 公里每小时
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
defaultProfileNameOther Other 其他
defaultProfileNamePlane Plane 🛩️ 飛機
defaultProfileNameRun Run 🏃 跑步
defaultProfileNameScooter Scooter 🛴 滑板车🛴
defaultProfileNameSki Ski 🎿 滑雪🎿
defaultProfileNameWalk Walk 👣 步行
dialog_bell_automatic_sensitivity_title Auto bell sensitivity 自動鈴聲靈敏度
dialog_bell_shake_sensitivity_title Shake sensitivity 搖動靈敏度
dialog_default_color_dark_title Dark color theme 深色主題
dialog_default_color_light_title Light color theme 淺色主題
dialog_default_color_text This will load the default colors. Are you sure? 加載默認顏色。 確定?
dialog_default_map_track_colors_title Map track colors 地圖追蹤顏色
dialog_defaultConfirmation Are you sure? 你確定嗎?
dialog_exit_msg Warning: Tracking is active, and will be stopped. 警告:追蹤處於活動狀態,並將停止。
dialog_exit_title @string/app_name
dialog_fenceguard_add_entries_0 Add fence 添加围栏
dialog_fenceguard_add_text Name a new fence: 命名一個新的圍欄:
dialog_fenceguard_add_text2 Fence will be raised around your current location to protect it from being exposed in recorded tracks. 圍欄將圍繞您的當前位置升高,以防止其暴露在追蹤紀錄中。
dialog_fenceguard_add_title Add fence 添加圍欄
dialog_fenceguard_remove_defaultText Are you sure to remove the fence? 你確定要拆除圍欄嗎?
dialog_fenceguard_remove_formatText Are you sure to remove the fence %1$s? 您確定要移除圍欄 %1$s 嗎?
dialog_fenceguard_remove_title Remove fence 移除圍欄
dialog_fenceguard_title @string/menuFenceguard
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_0 Update fence 更新围栏
dialog_fenceguard_update_entries_1 Remove fence 移除围栏
dialog_fenceguard_update_text Fence name: 圍欄名稱:
dialog_fenceguard_update_text2 Fence raised around your location protects it from being exposed in recorded tracks. 在您的位置周圍豎起圍欄可防止其暴露在追蹤紀錄中。
dialog_fenceguard_update_title Update fence 更新圍欄
dialog_track_save_text Distance %1$.3f %2$s
Duration %3$s

The track seems very short. Save this track?
距離 %1$.3f %2$s
持續時間 %3$s

追蹤似乎很短。 保存此追蹤?
dialog_volume_alarms_text Alarms 警報
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Translated Urban Biker/Strings 添加围栏圍欄


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