Key English Chinese (Simplified)
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_0 Minimum 最低限度
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_1 ⅕ of the current brightness 当前亮度的⅕
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_2 ⅓ of the current brightness (default) 当前亮度的⅓(默认)
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_3 ½ of the current brightness 当前亮度的½
prefScreensaverDimBrightnessEntries_4 Leave as is 保持原样
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_0 System default 系统默认
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_1 Light
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_2 Dark 黑暗的
prefSteadyScreenModeAuto Intelligent active (default) 智能主动(默认)
prefSteadyScreenModeAutoInfo Activate the SteadyScreen feature only on bumpy terrain during tracking. This is a good balance of comfort and battery use. 仅在跟踪期间在崎岖不平的地形上激活 SteadyScreen 功能。这是舒适度和电池使用的良好平衡。
prefSteadyScreenModeOn Active 积极的
prefSteadyScreenModeOnInfo Keep SteadyScreen feature always active during tracking. This may consume more battery while the screen is on. 在跟踪期间保持 SteadyScreen 功能始终处于活动状态。这可能会消耗更多电池。
prefSteadyScreenModeOff Off 离开
prefSteadyScreenModeOffInfo Never activate the SteadyScreen feature 永远不要激活 SteadyScreen 功能
svgCopyright Created with Urban Biker 由Urban Biker建立
trackUploadDescriptionDefault Tracked using Urban Biker mobile app 使用 Urban Biker 移动应用程序进行跟踪
trackUploadActivityTypes_0 Bike 自行車
trackUploadActivityTypes_1 Run 跑步
trackUploadActivityTypes_2 Walk 走路
trackUploadActivityTypes_3 Hike 健行
trackUploadActivityTypes_4 Swim 游泳
trackUploadActivityTypes_5 Surf 衝浪
trackUploadActivityTypes_6 Sail 帆船
trackUploadActivityTypes_7 Skateboard 滑板
trackUploadActivityTypes_8 Ski 滑雪
trackUploadActivityTypes_9 Snowboard 滑雪板
trackUploadActivityTypes_10 Other 其他
sensorFilterInterval_0 3 seconds (default) 3 秒(默认)
sensorFilterInterval_1 5 seconds 5秒
sensorFilterInterval_2 7 seconds 7秒
sensorFilterInterval_3 10 seconds 10秒


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