Key English Chinese (Simplified)
toastRoarButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the AVAS sound 長按切換緊急警告聲
toastMapButtonClickInfo Long-click to toggle the map 長按切換地圖
toastMapClickInfo Long-tap for map options 長按地圖選項
toastMapFollowingOn Follow on 跟隨
toastMapFollowingAutorotate Auto-rotate on 開啟自動旋轉
toastMapFollowingOff Follow off 跟隨關閉
toastMapLayerTrafficOn Traffic on 路況開啟
toastMapLayerTrafficOff Traffic off 路況關閉
toastErrorCreatingOfflineMap Error creating offline map 創建離線地圖時出錯
toastErrorAccessingExternalStorage Error accessing external storage 訪問外部存儲時出錯
toastErrorPowerParametersVoid Please fill in Power parameters in Settings 請在設置中填寫電源參數
toastSharingSuccess Successfully posted 發布成功
toastSharingError Error during sharing actions 共享操作期間出錯
toastSharingPermissionsError Error posting, please check permissions 發布錯誤,請檢查權限
toastSharingNoGpxError Error, no GPX file in the track 錯誤,追蹤中沒有 GPX 文件
toastUpdatingSuccess Successfully updated 成功更新
toastSoundsEnabled Sounds enabled 聲音已開啟
toastSoundsDisabled Sounds disabled 聲音已關閉
toastSensorEnabled Sensor enabled 啟用傳感器
toastSensorDisabled Sensor disabled 關閉傳感器
toastAutoThemeActivated Automatic visual theme activated 自動視覺主題激活
toastCancelled Canceled 取消
toastScreenPocketModeActive Pocket mode active 口袋模式激活
toastScreenWavingModeActive Waving mode active 揮手模式激活
toastScreensaverModeActive Screensaver mode active 屏保模式激活
toastSteadyScreenModeActive SteadyScreen active SteadyScreen 激活
toastSteadyScreenModeIntelligentActive SteadyScreen intelligent active SteadyScreen智能主动
toastSteadyScreenModeOff SteadyScreen disabled SteadyScreen 禁用
notificationTitle @string/app_name
notificationTitleAdvanced %1$s
notificationTitleAdvancedPaused Paused: %1$s 已暫停:%1$s
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
toastSteadyScreenModeOff SteadyScreen disabled SteadyScreen 禁用
toastTrackDeleted Tracks deleted 記錄已刪除
toastTrackDeleteError Error deleting tracks 刪除記錄時發生錯誤
toastTrackDiscarded Track discarded. 記錄已丟棄
toastTrackingPaused Paused 暫停
toastTrackingRecording Recording 記錄中
toastTrackingRecordingPassive Passive recording 被動紀錄中
toastTrackingStopped Stopped 停止
toastTrackMovingError Error moving track to USB storage! Try resetting again. 移動數據至存儲器時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastTrackResumed Track resumed 已恢復記錄
toastTrackResumeGpsActiveError Please turn off or pause the GPS first 請先關閉或暫停GPS(定位系統)
toastTrackSaved Track saved. 記錄已儲存
toastTrackSavingError Error saving track! Try resetting again. 保存記錄時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastTrackWritingError Error writing track data to storage! Try resetting again. 寫入數據至存儲器時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastTrackZippingError Error zipping track! Try resetting again. 壓縮記錄時發生錯誤! 請重新嘗試。
toastUpdatingSuccess Successfully updated 成功更新
tracksHistoryChartEmptyInfo Nothing to show 没有什么可展示的
tracksHistoryGrantAccess Missing tracks?
Click here to grant read-only access to a custom tracks folder…
tracksHistoryListButtonDelete Delete 刪除
tracksHistoryListButtonEdit Edit 編輯
tracksHistoryListButtonResume Resume 恢復
tracksHistoryListButtonShare Share 分享
tracksHistoryListButtonUpload Upload 上傳
tracksHistoryListButtonView View 檢視
tracksHistoryListEmpty No tracks here. Go out and record an activity! 这里没有轨道。出去记录活动!
tracksHistoryListLoading Loading… 載入中...
tracksHistoryListNoMap Map was not recorded. 地圖未記錄。
tracksHistoryListShareTrackDialogTitle Share track to… 分享記錄至…
tracksHistoryListTitle Tracks history 歷史記錄
tracksHistoryListTitleSelect Select 选择


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