Key English Chinese (Simplified)
sensorsSectionUnsupported Unsupported
sensorsEmptyList Empty list
sensorsMenuScan Scan
sensorsInfo Sensors get connected automatically while recording is active, and disconnected when you stop recording.

It's not possible to establish a sensor connection manually.
sensorWheelCircNotSetWarning Wheel circumference has not been set
sensorStepLengthNotSetWarning Step length has not been set
sensorMenuAddToProfile Add to the profile
sensorMenuRemoveFromProfile Remove from the profile
sensorMenuProperties Properties
sensorMenuEnable Enable
sensorMenuDisable Disable
sensorMenuDelete Forget
sensorRemoveConfirmDialogMsg Remove from the profile?
sensorDeleteConfirmDialogMsg Forget this sensor?
sensorAddedMsg Sensor added to the profile
sensorRemovedMsg Sensor removed from the profile
sensorDeletedMsg Sensor forgotten
sensorPurposeNone (No purpose)
sensorPurposeCadence Cadence
sensorPurposeSpeed Speed
sensorPurposeDistance Distance
sensorPurposeDuration Duration
sensorPurposePower Power
sensorPurposeHeartRate Heart rate 心率
sensorPurposeSteps Steps
sensorPurposePressure Pressure
sensorPurposeTemperature Temperature
sensorPurposeHumidity Humidity
sensorStepDetectorName Step Detector
sensorProperitesProfileInfo Sensor properties are managed per profile. Properties here are managed for the currently active profile only (%1$s). 傳感器屬性按配置文件進行管理。 此處的屬性僅針對當前活動的配置文件 (%1$s) 進行管理。
sensorProperitesUseForSpeed Use for speed


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