Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogFencesShowFences Show fences
dialogPowerWeightsTitle Weights 重量
dialogPowerWeightsRotInertiaTitle Rotational inertia
dialogPowerWeightsWeightRider Driver 駕駛者
dialogPowerWeightsWeightVehicle Vehicle 車輛
dialogPowerWeightsWeightCargo Cargo 貨物
dialogPowerWeightsWeightPassengers Passengers 乘客
dialogPowerWeightsWeightWheels Wheels 車輪
dialogPowerParamsTitle Power loss coefficients
dialogPowerParamsDragArea Air drag area (Cd·A)
dialogPowerParamsRollResist Rolling resistance coef. (Cᵣᵣ)
dialogEnergyParamsTitle Energy parameters 能量參數
dialogEnergyParamsEfficiency Overall thermal efficiency (η)
dialogEnergyParamsBmr Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
dialogFileChooseSelectFolder Select this folder 選擇此文件夾
dialogMapsDownloadTitle Offline maps download 下載離線地圖
dialogMapsDownloadText Open the downloads web page now? 立刻打開下載網頁?
dialogMapsTerrainDownloadTitle Terrain download
dialogOpenRainviewerText Open web page now?
dialogTrackEditTitleHint Title
dialogTrackEditNotesHint Notes
dialogTrackUploadWaitTitle Please wait
dialogTrackUploadPreparing Preparing track data…
dialogTrackUploadSending Sending…
dialogTrackUploadDescriptionHint Share your thoughts…
dialogTrackUploadShareButton Share
dialogTrackUploadShareAgainButton Share again
dialogTrackUploadUpdateButton Update
dialogTrackUploadActivityType Activity type
dialogTrackUploadPlatform Online service
dialogTrackUploadStravaIsCommute Commute
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
dialogLayoutChooseSubtitle Choose display layout
dialogLayoutChooseTitle Layout
dialogLayoutEmptyInfoMessage There should be at least one meter present in the layout.
dialogLayoutEmptyInfoTitle Layout
dialogLayoutsInfoMessage Quickly change the display layout from a set of predefined layouts.

Then long-click any field to further customize the view via the pop-up menus.
dialogLayoutsInfoTitle Layouts
dialogLocationPermissionRequest The app needs to access your location to record your outdoor activities.
dialogLocationPermissionRequestForBt Location permission is needed to find Bluetooth devices.

No Bluetooth devices will be found if the permission is rejected.

dialogLocationPermissionRequestTitle Location permission
dialogLoginPasswordHint Password
dialogLoginUsernameHint Username
dialogMapsAutoRotate Auto rotate 自動旋轉
dialogMapsAutoZoom Auto zoom 自動縮放
dialogMapsChooseTitle Choose map
dialogMapsDownloadText Open the downloads web page now? 立刻打開下載網頁?
dialogMapsDownloadTitle Offline maps download 下載離線地圖
dialogMapsFollowMode Follow 跟隨
dialogMapsHighResolution Hi-res map 高解析地圖
dialogMapsLayerTraffic Traffic 路況
dialogMapsMapCount %1$s maps
dialogMapsOffline Offline maps 離線地圖
dialogMapsRenderTerrain Render terrain 渲染地形
dialogMapsShowFences Fences 圍欄
dialogMapsShowRoutes Guide routes 路況導航
dialogMapsTerrainDownloadTitle Terrain download
dialogMapsTrackColor Track hue: 追蹤色調:
dialogMapsTrackColorAltitude @string/infoMeterModeAltitudeTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorCadence @string/infoMeterModeCadenceTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorDuration @string/infoMeterModeDurationTitle
dialogMapsTrackColorElapsed @string/summaryTotalTime


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