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pref_mapsShowAttribution_summary (All profiles) Show attribution text for online maps other than Google. Disable to prevent accidental click on a link. (所有配置文件)顯示除 Google 之外的在線地圖的歸屬文本。 禁用以防止意外單擊鏈接。
pref_mapsShowAttribution_title Show attribution
pref_mapsWeatherAnimate_info Radar animation can use up to 5x more Internet data than a static radar image. 雷達動畫使用的網路資料比靜態雷達圖像多 5 倍。
pref_mapsWeatherAnimate_summary Animate last 1 hour of radar data, to help you visualize the precipitation trend 動畫顯示最近 1 小時的雷達數據,幫助您可視化降水趨勢
pref_mapsWeatherAnimate_title Animate 動畫
pref_mapsWeatherAnimateForecast_summary Also animate 30 minutes of radar forecast in different colors 還以不同顏色為 30 分鐘的雷達預報製作動畫
pref_mapsWeatherAnimateForecast_title Forecast 預測
pref_mapsWeatherCoverage_summary Shade areas where there is no precipitation radar coverage
pref_mapsWeatherCoverage_title Coverage mask
pref_mapsWeatherPrecipitationRadar_info Radar data is downloaded from the Internet, even when offline maps are used. It is automatically refreshed every 10 minutes while map is visible. Data source is 即使使用離線地圖,雷達數據也是從網路下載的。 當地圖可見時,它每 10 分鐘自動刷新一次。 資料來源為。
pref_mapsWeatherPrecipitationRadar_summary Show precipitation radar layer 顯示降水雷達圖層
pref_mapsWeatherPrecipitationRadar_title Precipitation radar 降水雷達
pref_meter_lock_summary Prevents change of mode on click 防止在單擊時更改模式
pref_meter_lock_title Lock mode 鎖上模式
pref_meter_modes_select_title Choose available modes… 選擇現有模式...
pref_meterTitle Meter
pref_obey_audio_focus_disable_summary Continue producing sounds even if audio focus is lost (by system notification or another app) 即使音頻焦點丟失,也繼續發出聲音(通過系統通知或其他應用程序)
pref_obey_audio_focus_disable_title Disable audio focus
pref_passive_gps_button_summary Enable Passive GPS mode when clicking GPS button
pref_passive_gps_button_title Passive GPS button mode
pref_power_coefs_summary Drag area: %1$s
Roll resist: %2$s
pref_power_coefs_title Coefficients
pref_power_weights_summary Driver: %1$s, Vehicle: %2$s, Cargo: %3$s, Passengers: %4$s, Wheels: %5$s
pref_power_weights_title Weights 重量
pref_powermeter_display_mode_dialog_title Power display mode 電量顯示方式
pref_powermeter_display_mode_entries_0 Total power
pref_powermeter_display_mode_entries_1 Watts per kg/lb
pref_powermeter_display_mode_summary @null
pref_powermeter_display_mode_title @null
pref_powermeter_parameters_info_summary For accurate power and energy readings, please make sure these parameters are correct!
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