Key English Chinese (Simplified)
pref_background_pattern_entries_3 Leopard
pref_background_pattern_entries_4 Brick
pref_background_pattern_entries_5 Cobble 鹅卵石
pref_background_pattern_entries_6 Clouds
pref_background_pattern_entries_7 Hearts
pref_background_pattern_entries_8 Honeycomb 蜂窝
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_0 Graphic & Digital 圖形 & 數字
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_1 Graphic 圖形
pref_speedo_display_mode_entries_2 Digital 數字
pref_powermeter_display_mode_entries_0 Total power 总功率
pref_powermeter_display_mode_entries_1 Watts per kg/lb 瓦特每公斤/磅
prefMapOnlineModeEntries_0 Online 在线的
prefMapOnlineModeEntries_1 Offline 離線
prefBackKeyModeEntries_0 Normal 普通的
prefBackKeyModeEntries_1 None 没有任何
prefBackKeyModeEntries_2 Double-click exit 双击退出
mapLayerTypes_0 @string/mapLayerStreet
mapLayerTypes_1 @string/mapLayerTerrain
mapLayerTypes_2 @string/mapLayerSatellite
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_0 Switch theme 切换主题
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_1 Switch file 切换文件
prefMapOfflineLayerButtonActionEntries_2 None 没有任何
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_0 10 MB 10MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_1 50 MB 50MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_2 100 MB (default) 100 MB(默认)
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_3 200 MB 200MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_4 300 MB 300MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_5 400 MB 400MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_6 500 MB 500MB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_7 1 GB 1GB
prefMapDiskCacheSizeEntries_8 2 GB 2GB
Key English Chinese (Simplified)
prefAdModes_2 AppBrain 应用脑
prefAdModes_3 None 没有任何
prefAllProfilesInfoSummary Preferences here are applicable to all profiles. 此处的首选项适用于所有配置文件。
prefAppVisualThemeDialogTitle App visual theme 应用视觉主题
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_0 System default 系统默认
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_1 Light
prefAppVisualThemeEntries_2 Dark 黑暗的
prefAppVisualThemeSummary (All profiles) (所有个人资料)
prefAppVisualThemeTitle @null
prefAutoTerrainNote1Summary Device should be held fixed to a vehicle (e.g. on a bike handlebars), and not in a hand or in a pocket while using this. 使用时应将设备固定在车辆上(例如自行车车把上),而不是放在手中或放在口袋里。
prefAutoTerrainNote2Summary Powers obtained using a power sensor are not affected by this feature. 使用功率传感器获得的功率不受此功能的影响。
prefAutoTerrainSummary Sense terrain roughness by measuring vibrations, and adjust the rolling resistance coefficient (Cᵣᵣ) accordingly when computing power. 通过测量振动来感知地形粗糙度,并在计算功率时相应地调整滚动阻力系数(Cᵣᵣ)。
prefAutoTerrainTitle AutoTerrain 自动地形
prefBackKeyModeEntries_0 Normal 普通的
prefBackKeyModeEntries_1 None 没有任何
prefBackKeyModeEntries_2 Double-click exit 双击退出
prefBaroAltitudeUsesTemperatureSummary Use temperature sensor data for more accurate barometric altitudes, if available 如果可用,使用溫度傳感器數據獲得更準確的氣壓高度
prefBaroAltitudeUsesTemperatureTitle Thermo barometer 溫度計
prefBarometricAltitudeDisableAlert Disable barometric altitude? 禁用气压高度?
prefBarometricAltitudeNoteSummary Use these only in the open atmosphere! Please disable while in pressurized, closed or air-conditioned vehicles like cars or airplanes! 僅在開放環境中使用這些! 請在汽車或飛機等加壓、封閉或空調車輛中禁用!
prefBarometricAltitudeSummary Use pressure sensor data to enhance altitude accuracy, if available 如果可用,使用压力传感器数据来提高高度精度
prefBarometricAltitudeTitle Barometric altitude 气压高度
prefGnssActivityRecognitionSummary Recognize standing still vs. moving for GPS. May introduce delays and some lost distance after a break, but will prevent most GPS noise. 識別靜止與移動 GPS。 休息後可能會導致延遲和一些距離損失,但會阻止大多數 GPS 噪音。
prefGnssActivityRecognitionTitle Reduce GPS noise 降低位置噪音
prefGnssAutomaticSleepSummary Turn off location automatically while being still, and back on when movement starts. This reduces battery usage on longer breaks, without the need to stop the tracking. 靜止時自動關閉定位,移動開始時重新開啟。 這減少了長時間休息時的電池使用量,而無需停止追踪。
prefGnssAutomaticSleepTitle GPS auto sleep GPS自動休眠
prefGpsBoostNoteSummary Location updates will always be forced to the highest frequency during navigation 在导航期间,位置更新将始终强制为最高频率
prefGpsIntervalAdaptiveNote Adaptive update intervals can help reduce battery consumption when moving slowly or taking frequent breaks.
prefGpsIntervalAdaptiveSummary Automatically adjust the GPS update interval between 1 and 5 seconds, depending on speed.
prefGpsIntervalAdaptiveTitle Adaptive


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