Key English Chinese (Simplified)
summaryBasalMetabolicRate Basal metabolic rate
summaryBasalMetabolicRateInfo Basal metabolic rate (BMR).
summaryCadenceStrokes Pedal strokes
summaryCadenceStrokesInfo Number of pedal strokes detected during activity.
summaryClimbing Climb
summaryClimbingEnergyInfo Percentage of the energy that was used to overcome gravity.
summaryDeviceAutoPauseCount Auto-pause count
summaryDeviceAutoPauseCountInfo Number of times auto-pause was activated during this activity.
summaryDeviceName Device
summaryDeviceNameInfo Device used to record this track.
summaryDeviceRestartsCount Forced restarts
summaryDeviceRestartsCountInfo Number of times the app was force-closed or the device stopped working during this activity. 在此活動期間應用程序被強制關閉或設備停止工作的次數。
summaryDragArea Drag area
summaryDragAreaInfo Air drag area (Cd·A).
summaryDragging Drag
summaryDraggingEnergyInfo Percentage of the energy that was used to overcome air drag resistance.
summaryDriverWeight Driver weight
summaryDriverWeightInfo Weight of the driver (or rider) used while recording this track.
summaryEfficiency Efficiency
summaryEfficiencyInfo Overall thermal efficiency of the track's powerhouse.
summaryEndedDatetime Ended
summaryEnergyParams @string/controlPanelEnergyParams
summaryHeartBeats Heartbeats
summaryHeartBeatsInfo Number of heartbeats detected during activity.
summaryInaccurateLocationZoneCount Inaccuracy zones
summaryInaccurateLocationZoneCountInfo Number of times the app started rejecting location updates due to their inaccuracy.

Note, areas where there are no location updates at all (e.g. indoors) do not affect this number.
summaryLocationInterval Location interval
summaryLocationIntervalInfo Average time interval between two location updates on this track.
summaryMechWork Mech. work
summaryMechWorkInfo Purely mechanical work spent for this activity (disregarding thermal efficiency and BMR).


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